Are you a food and drinks conveyor belt?

Are you a guide on a gastronomical journey?

Are you a showman on a stage entertaining?

The definition of what a Waiter is, varies from person to person and from one establishment to another. For me, a waiter needs to be a combination of the three, but leaning more to the latter two.

If you are bored and dull then yes, all you will ever be is a food and drink conveyor belt.

Imagine the possibilities and fun you will have if you reinvent yourself as a showman taking your guests on a gastronomical journey...

Waiters create a show using the restaurant floor as their stage, the food and beverages on the menus as their props and the guests as their audience and always remember that when the bell rings for "Last Rounds", that is our curtain call.

Naturally we are sales people as well, I mean we are in the business of making money for ourselves.

What do I love about being a waiter....

I love that every single person that you meet and interact with is unique. The characters you meet and work with can be fascinating or irritating but they create a world within a world. I love having the opportunity to express myself in my own way and to learn from those that have been in the Industry for thirty years and from those that have been in it for two days. Every person has something to teach at any given time.

"You learn something new everyday!"
You will never know everything - the industry is constantly changing. Trends are coming in and going out every day. New beverages are being created, taken away and brought back, re-branded. Wine vintages have subtle differences through the years. Food is the next chapter in a never ending story.
"You will never know everything!"
A good waiter adapts to the environment around them. A good waiter is knowledgeable of the menus on offer. A good waiter has knowledge of the beers, wines, ciders and soft drinks available to them as well as the daring number of cocktails concocted. If a good waiter does not know something, they scramble to swallow any available information on offer.

"You can not sell what you do not know!"

The most satisfying part of being a Waiter, is seeing the guests salivate with satisfaction, smile constantly with delight from what they have tasted and on walking them to the door to say goodbye, the simple "Thank you" that is genuinely said.

Don't get me wrong, there is the down side to being a waiter. There are the horror stories and the funny, stupid stories. But there is another time to write about those.

If you are thinking of joining our family in the show business of food gastronomy, delectable delights and thirst-quenching beverages, be aware that the hours are long, people are unpredictable and there is a cosmopolitan of characters in the mix. It is also fun, unpredictable and satisfying.

...Just Wait -er for me!

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